What's the song about?

There was one day in 2015 when I’ve witnessed two moments, within a matter of hours, at the same location, that caused me to write down these words: "good people in a rotten world".

I was frustrated with people. I witnessed some people being kind and others being despicable when presented with very similar situations.

As the years went by, whenever I ran into situations that triggered this sort of thoughts and feelings, I wrote down additional words to those notes. Thoughts such as "why is she being nice to him?", "why are you being nice to me? What do you want?". We are so desensitized that we immediately assume no good act comes for free.

I knew those notes I took would eventually become lyrics to one of my songs. This is it. The song finally came out in November of 2020.

The Writing Process

Musically, the riff for the main verse ("humanity…"), which is also used as the clean intro to the song, was written maybe around 2010. The same goes for the bridge riff ("in return"). Those three parts always worked well together in my mind. They were written and played on a 6-string guitar (my black Ibanez seen on the video).

Around 2015, I was playing those riffs on my 7-string guitar (the white Schecter on the video), and started to write a heavy riff using the 7th string, which ended up becoming the chorus for the song ("in this world…"). A derivative riff came out of it, and became the rhythm played in the guitar solo mid-section. Still out of those two riffs I wrote the clean arpeggiated part played in the middle of the song.

I sat down to start record the song in April of 2020, wrote the actual lyrics and vocals a couple of months later, and finally finished it in November.

The Lyrics

Humanity never fails to disappoint and disrespect
When reason fades, I won’t let go,
And when you least expect
evil has settled in

Mendaciously, I lead you through
my vicious path, but you can’t see
The common sense is buried deep
and when you think I’m near
I’m backstabbing you

I return to foist darkness upon you
Unkindness incites my control
In return, I reward all my blind sheep
With nothingness, you deserve, now be gone

In this world, I see the faces of those who turn away
The elected pawns are savoring the pain
Can this be the norm we all live in?
What kind of human leads the humankind?

Why do I doubt the acts of good intent?
Inexcusable is the lack of virtue and care
Their soul tainted by their misdeeds
The teardrop, frozen by our coldness